Race Schedule

Saturday PM
3:00 – 5:00 PM – Racer Registration Packet Pickup at Dover Sherborn High School (DSHS), 9 Junction Street, Dover, MA – Lindquist Commons.

Sunday AM
5:45  Bike drop opens Farm Pond, 200 Lake St., Sherborn; Parking opens at DSHS.

6:00  Registration Packet pickup at DSHS;  Shuttle busses begin running from DSHS to Farm Pond.

6:30  Body marking & timing chip pick up at Farm Pond.

7:15  ALL ATHLETES TO FARM POND!   Registration Packet pickup closes at DSHS.

7:30  Last shuttle leaves from DSHS to Farm Pond; spectators welcome.

7:45  Body marking & timing chip pick up closes.

7:50  Mandatory pre-race meeting, announcements and National Anthem on beach.

7:55  Final call for first wave!

8:00 Swim Start.

9:45  Last shuttle bus (for spectators) from Farm Pond to DSHS.

10:30 Breakfast Buffet and Awards Ceremony at DSHS.


The recommended procedure for Sunday morning on race day is as follows:

  • Follow directions to Farm Pond, 200 Lake St., Sherborn, where you will be met by Staff who will assist you in dropping off your bike to be placed in our secure swim/ bike transition area.
  • Proceed to DS High School, about 3 miles, and park your car in the parking lot located at 9 Junction Street (Lindquist Commons) Please DO NOT PARK in the lot on Farm Street as this area is used for the race.
  • Pre-registered individuals prepare your bike/run transition area at the high school.
  • Proceed via shuttle bus to Farm Pond with your swim and biking equipment. Get your body marked and pick up your timing chip at Farm Pond. Shuttle buses will begin running at 6:00 AM and run every 5-10 minutes. Please note that these buses will not be prepared to transport bikes. You may choose to park at the High School, register, and then ride to Farm Pond.
  • Late Sunday registrants should also drop their bike first at Farm Pond.
  • Prepare your bike/run transition area at the high school parking lot (near the Track/finish line).
  • Bring a gym bag that is labeled with your Bib number to the swim/bike transition area (Farm Pond) so that any equipment left can be transported back to the high school for you.  We will also supply clear plastic bags and labels for this very purpose.
  • Label any items such as tubs or pumps with masking tape and your number. It will be important to have all of your belongings (wet suit, towel, goggles, etc.) placed in the bag that is labeled with your number. We will provide marking and labeling materials for your bag. Equipment can be claimed at the end of the race at our secure equipment corral at the high school.

Bike Drop Off System:  Important: Because there is no parking at Farm Pond, we have developed an efficient drop-off system for your bike at the swim-bike transition area.

Extra Time Required: Please note that this TWO TRANSITION system requires a little extra time on race morning. All parking will be in designated areas at Dover-Sherborn High School at 9 Junction Street in Dover.  You are welcome to park at the school and then ride you bike with your swim/bike gear to Farm Pond.  Most people choose to drop off their bike at Farm Pond and take the shuttle bus back with the following logistics:

    • Drive to Farm Pond where you are directed to a drop-off lane. Stop car and remove bike from car. Our staff will rack your bike for you at your designated number. Please do not offload other gear at this time. Our adult staff will personally supervise this process to protect your valuable bike.
    • After your bike is removed, proceed out the lane and drive to DSHS.  Park in designated area at the HS.
    • Walk to bike/run transition area at the High School and drop off/set up gear.
    • Proceed to Farm Pond by taking one of the school bus shuttles, or ride your bike to Farm Pond.  The shuttles cannot transport bikes so it is best to drop off bike at Farm Pond first as noted above.
    • At Farm Pond, set up swim/bike transition and proceed to body marking and receive your timing chip. Please bring a bag for your swim equipment, marked with your number. We will provide bag tags and markers. All equipment will be transported back to the high school for you and placed in a secure corral based on your number. Anything labeled with your number can be found in the corral. We will have a “lost/found” area for stray equipment. Please take the few seconds to stuff your wetsuit into your bag so that we know that it is yours.